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2 June 19, 2019 (under publication).

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Articles and Statements

2. Natalia V. Bakirova, Guzel K. Pyrkova, Gulnara N. Kaigorodova, Alfia A. Mustafina
Factoring as a Method of Managing Financial Risks at the Present Stage of Development of Russian Economy
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3. Vladislav V. Bogovin, Evgeniya V. Vidishcheva
Joint Activities of Industry, Government and Universities of the Region on the Commercialization of Innovations Based on Cluster Policy
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4. Boris A. Ermakov, Zalina O. Bezrokova
Localization of the Health Improvement Services on the Basis of Clasterization as the Main Direction of the Russian Health Resorts Sustainable Development
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5. Tatyana E. Gvarliani, Yana V. Karandasova
Global Trends in the Development of Inbound Tourism
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6. Elena N. Klochko
Analysis of Innovative Activity of the Enterprises of Krasnodar Krai
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7. Svetlana I. Mishulina
"Green" Investments as an Element of the Mechanism of Greening the Regional Economy
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8. Matvei S. Oborin
The Directions for Increasing the Economic Security of Regions with Resort and Recreational Specialization
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9. Nelli A. Saveleva, Sergej I. Toporov
The Organizational Forms of Development of Medical Tourism in Krasnodar Krai
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10. Vladimir N. Sharafutdinov, Elena V. Onishchenko
Problems of the Formation of Tourist Technological Platforms in Russia
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11. Leonas Tolvaišis
Ethnocultural Technologies as a Resource of Economic Development of Regions. The Experience of Serbia
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12. Yurii I. Verbin
Development of Tourist and Recreational Areas Based on a Program-Target Approach
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13. Alexandr M. Vetitnev, Pavel V. Voloshchuk
The Introduction of an Object-Oriented System for Evaluating the Activities of the Executive State Authorities
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14. Elena K. Vorobey
Development of the Competitive Environment on the Market of Retail Trade of Krasnodar Krai as a Factor of Sustainable Development of the Region's Economy
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15. Sergey P. Goncharov
Strategic Planning Of Business Activities in the Field of Legal Services on the Basis of a Set of Smart-Management Measures
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Scientific Life

16. Alexandr M. Vetitnev, Vladimir N. Sharafutdinov, Nelli A. Saveleva
First International Moscow Academic Economic Forum
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