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Editorial Staff

G. М. Romanova

Editor in ChiefDr. (Economic), Professor,

Rector of Sochi State University (SGU)


А. А. Cherkasov

Deputy Editor in ChiefDr. (History), Professor (VolGU)


E. K. Vorobey

Deputy Editor in Chief — PhD (Economic) (SGU)


O. E. Bashina

Dr. (Economic), Professor (SGU)


А. М. Vetitnev

Dr. (Economic), Dr. (Medicine), Professor (SGU)


B. A. Ermakov

Dr. (Medicine), Professor (SGU)


T. E. Gvarliani

Dr. (Economic), Professor (SGU)


A.A. Ryabtsev

PhD (Economic) (SGU)


N. A. Saveleva

Dr. (Economic), Professor (SGU)


P. P. Chuvatkin

Dr. (Economic), Professor (SGU)


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