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2 June 30, 2016 (under publication).

1. Inna V. Buzyakova, Marina V. Dmitrievа
The Analysis of the Market Value of the Property and Attractiveness Factors (for example, NWAD)
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2. Nadezhda A. Keschyan, Anna O. Balabanova
The Role of Modern Information Technologies in the Activities of Municipal Institutions of Secondary Education
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3. Marina V. Kogan, Nadiya G. Urazalieva
Customer Focus as an Essential Factor in the Competitiveness of Commercial Bank
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4. Tatiana V. Korobeynikova, Evgeniya V. Vidishcheva
Methods of Regulation of the Banking System Liquidity
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5. Zairа Nibo, Anna Balabanova
The Role of the Russian-Abkhaz Cooperation in the Strategic Development of the Region
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6. Vladlena S. Oladko
The Model of Information Security Audit in the Information Systems of E-Commerce Type of B2E
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7. Irina Y. Potashova
The Current State of the Youth Labor Market Segment in Russia
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8. Anna S. Suvorova, Evgeniya V. Vidishcheva
The Development Trends of Economic Relations between Russia and China
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