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1 March 25, 2019 (under publication).

Articles and Statements

1. Larisa N. Drobyshevskaya, Natalia V. Stadnikova
Trends in the Development of Change Management in Organizations
Number of views: 221      Download in PDF

2. Vita A. Fomenko
The Formation and Influence of the Constituent Elements of the Labor Potential of Staff on the Development of the Tourism Industry
Number of views: 225      Download in PDF

3. Ivan A. Kaurov
Comparative Analysis of Regional Measures of State Support of Tourism
Number of views: 219      Download in PDF

4. Elena N. Klochko, Vadim A. Mironchuk
Disclosure of the Factors Determining the Content of Management of Non-Profit Organizations in the Sphere of Prevention and Correction of Socially Dangerous Forms of Behavior
Number of views: 212      Download in PDF

5. Elena N. Klochko, Evgeniia A. Ryabinnikova
Innovative Development in Viticulture
Number of views: 209      Download in PDF

6. Elena V. Lukyanchikova, Valentina A. Krakhina
The Practical Aspects of Energy Conservation in the Housing and Communal Services of the City
Number of views: 209      Download in PDF

7. Valentina A. Orlova, Anna A. Kozak
Development of International Tax Cooperation on the Basis of Information Exchange in Order to Ensure the Tax Security of Russia
Number of views: 211      Download in PDF

8. Evgeny V. Popov, Anna Y. Veretennikova, Daria V. Pinzhenina
Problems of Social Entrepreneurship Development in Russia
Number of views: 219      Download in PDF

9. Nelli A. Saveleva
The Analysis of Sphere of Public Health Services of the North Caucasian Federal District
Number of views: 204      Download in PDF

10. Elena E. Sinyavskaya
Russian Mortgage Market
Number of views: 213      Download in PDF

11. Yulia V. Sliva-Shcherba
The Implementation of an Innovative Management System in the Tourism and Recreation Complexes of the Republic of Crimea on the Basis of their Effective Economic Analysis
Number of views: 206      Download in PDF

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Number of views: 288      Download in PDF

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