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1 March 25, 2018 (under publication).

Articles and Statements

1. Jelisavka Bulatović, Goran Rajović
Areas of Mountains and Valleys of the Northern Region of Montenegro: an Overview from the Aspect of Mapping, Typology and Landscape Protection
Number of views: 118      Download in PDF

2. Yurii T. Chebakov, Aleksandr Yu. Kormishov
Methodology for Determining the Generalized Indicator of the Quality of Professional Training for Rescuers of the Municipal Rescue Team
Number of views: 99      Download in PDF

3. Boris A. Ermakov
On Feasibility of Establishing Self-Regulating Organizations of the Resort and Tourist Businesses on the Regional Level
Number of views: 115      Download in PDF

4. Tat'yana E. Gvarliani
Trends and Prospects of Hotel Industry Development in Russia
Number of views: 96      Download in PDF

5. Valentina A. Krakhina, Yulya S. Valueva
The Basics of the Essence and Economic Evaluation of Commercial Real Estate
Number of views: 124      Download in PDF

6. Tat'yana P. Levchenko, Vyacheslav A. Varenikov
Evaluating Intensity of Innovative Activity of Hotel Organizations on the Basis of Transformation Model
Number of views: 93      Download in PDF

7. Matvey S. Oborin
Improving Management at the Enterprises of a Sanatorium Complex
Number of views: 117      Download in PDF

8. Vladlena S. Oladko
Cybersecurity Issues in the Implementation of the Digital Economy
Number of views: 92      Download in PDF

9. Vladimir N. Sharafutdinov, Elena V. Onischenko
Sustainable Reproduction and Competitiveness of a Regional Tourist Product
Number of views: 114      Download in PDF

10. Denilbek S. Temirov, Zaira D. Temirova
Problems of Regional Budgetary-Tax Policy on the Example of the Krasnodar Region
Number of views: 91      Download in PDF

11. David Umoru, Efosa Osayamen A. Evbuomwan, Benedict Imimole
Econometric Revalidation of Nigeria’s Import Demand Behaviour: A Koyck’s Dynamic Analysis and the Policy Response
Number of views: 96      Download in PDF

12. Elena K. Vorobey, Anna V. Trutt
Professional Burnout of Personnel is a Key Proble in the System of Human Resources Management
Number of views: 103      Download in PDF

13. Svetlana V. Zheurova
The Key Elements of the External Environment on the Example of LLC "Primorsky Konditer"
Number of views: 99      Download in PDF

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Number of views: 169      Download in PDF

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