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Editorial Staff

E. K. Vorobey

Editor in ChiefDr. (Economic), docent, head of the Department of Scientific Policy and Research of Sochi State University


А. М. Vetitnev

Deputy Editor in Chief — Dr. (Economic), professor, leading researcher of the research center (SGU) 

M. S. Oborin

Deputy Editor in Chief — Dr. (Economic), docent, professor (PRUE)


M. Yu. Afanas'ev

Dr. (Economic), professor (CEMI, RAS)


T. E. Gvarliani

Dr. (Economic), professor (SGU)


E. N. Klochko

Dr. (Economic), professor (KSAU)


V. S. Osipov

Dr. (Economic), professor (MGIMO University MFA Russia)


N. A. Saveleva

Dr. (Economic), professor (SGU)


M. Yu. Sheresheva

Dr. (Economic), professor (MSU named after M.V. Lomonosov)


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