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1Diana S. TimoshenkoGenesis, Challenges and Applications of Medical Tourism in the Voronezh Region, Russian Federation2020, December500
2Maria S. RybyantsevaThe Applying of the Standard Deviation in a Controlling System2021, March352
3Marina V. Rossinskaya, Larisa A. KamenskayaThe Need to Improve the Transport Infrastructure of the Krasnodar Krai2021, March349
4Dinara Y. JakupovaManagement Efficiency as a Socio-Economic Category2021, March344
5Svetlana V. Dusenko, Margarita E. BelomestnovaScience Week – 2021 at the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism2021, March344
6Boris A. ErmakovMedical Tourism as a Component of the Health Care National Project2020, December341
7Alla Yu. Baranova, Polina GasparyanCybercrime in the Financial Sphere2021, March339
8Nadezhda A. Keschyan, Anna O. Balabanova, Arutyun Z. ZeytunyanResearch of Municipal Management in the Field of Architecture, Improvement, and Sanitary Maintenance of the District2020, December337
9Nadezhda K. Serdyukova, Valentina P. Kalinina, Dmitriy A. SerdyukovDevelopment of Gastronomic Tourism as a Factor in Increasing Tourist Flow to the Destination2020, December337
10Irina V. Kravtsova, Yulia N. KovalovaDigitalization of Insurance in the Era of COVID-192021, March329
11Vladimir I. Shapovalov, Guram O. DarakchyanThe Quality Assessment of Professional Education in the Tourist Destination of Sochi2021, March327
12Boris A. ErmakovMeeting of the Recreation and Tourism Scientific and Industry Section within the National Projects and the Professorial Community Professorial Forum – 20202020, December326
13Elena N. Klochko, Victoria N. MukhaEthno-Entrepreneurship as a Resource of a Multi-Ethnic Region2020, December325
14Cover2021, March316
15Ani G. ArakelyanDevelopment of Tourism in the World and National Experience of Implementing Cluster Initiatives2020, December315
16Elena N. Klochko, Victoria N. Mukha, Lidia V. KovalenkoSocio-Economic Aspects of Ethnicity in the Economic Space of the Region2021, March314
17Yuri I. VerbinAssessment of the Use of the Labor Potential of the Sanatorium Organization for the Purpose of Its Optimal Management2021, March313
18Yuri I. Verbin, Elena К. VorobeyKrasnodar Regional Public Organization of the Free Economic Society of Russia: Results in the year of the 255th Anniversary of the VEO of Russia2020, December312
19Marina V. Rossinskaya, Julia V. Sliva-ShcherbaOrganizational Culture as a Factor in the Formation of Innovative Activity of Tourist and Health Complexes2021, March312
20Evgenia V. Gordeeva, Daria V. KuksaLean Manufacturing as a Modern Management Concept: Principles and Tools2020, December310
21V.A. YanyushkinCurrent Trends in the Small and Medium-Sized Business Lending Market in Russia2021, March308
22Elena S. TsepilovaResort Tax in the Russian Federation – Results and Prospects of a Tax Experiment2021, March307
23Natalia I. Rekhter, Tatyana Yu. AnopchenkoUsing Social Network Sites in Healthcare Management: Opportunities and Challenges2020, December298
24Mikhail V. Grechko, Veronika S. VlasovaApplication of System Analysis Methodology for Research of Critical Unstable Conditions in Hospitality Industry2021, June279
25Abidemi C. Adegboye, Mohammed OseniFiscal Management and Commodity Price Fluctuation in Sub-Sahara Africa2021, June278
26Alexey D. Chudnovskiy, Michael M. HamburgEducational Tourism: Problems and Prospects of Development2021, June277
27Vyacheslav A. Lepeshkin, Valentina S. TreskovaIsrael-Target Market for Efforts to Restore Inbound Tourist Traffic to Sochi Resorts2021, June276
28Oksana V. MarkovaThe Objects of Cultural Heritage in the Hospitality Industry of Volgo2021, June276
29Tatyana V. SaleevaTransformation of World Tourism under the Influence of the COVID-19 Pandemic (According to the Preliminary Results of 2020)2021, June269
30Alla Yu. Baranova, Syuzanna Teknedzhyan The Remote Banking Services in Russia: Problems and Development Prospects2021, June268


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