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4 December 25, 2019 (under publication).

Column by Editor in Chief
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Actual Problem

2. Vladimir N. Sharafutdinov, Elena V. Onishchenko
Key Problems of Improving the Tourism Development Management System in the Regions of Russia
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Articles and Statements

3. Valerii D. Andreev
Risk-Oriented Thinking as a Basis for Improving the Efficiency of Audit of Business Entities
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4. Yvetta I. Ashkinadze
A Foundry of Cadres. 20 years
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5. Anna O. Balabanova, Lyudmila S. Sagaidak
Modern Technologies and Tools in the Field of Social Services
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6. Anastasia A. Finadeeva
Ecological Awareness as a Factor of Development of Ecotourism in Russia
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7. Vita A. Fomenko
Participation in International Youth Forums of Young Professionals in the Field of Tourism as a Practical Experience in the Formation of Their Labor Potential
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8. Dina A. Guz
Automation and Software Role in the Service of Hotel Enterprise Human Resource Management
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9. Tatyana E. Gvarliani, Denis V. Shigaev
Educational Tourism Development Trends
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10. Valentina A. Krakhina, Yulya V. Shatrova
Directions for Reforming the Housing Complex of Developing Republics
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11. Matvei S. Oborin
State Regulation of Health Resort Activities in the Regions of Russia
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12. Matvei S. Oborin, Tamara A. Nagoeva
Theoretical Aspects of Sustainable Development of the Regional Health Resort Complex
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13. Marina V. Rossinskaya, Alesia A. Kanaeva
Interdisciplinary Approach to Determining the Essence of Social and Labor Partnership as an Economic Category
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14. Nelli A. Saveleva, Elena K. Vorobey, Anna R. Davydovich
Current State of the Market of Medical Services of Krasnodar Krai
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15. Nadezhda K. Serdyukova, Dmitriy A. Serdyukov
Travel Market Participants’ Roles Transformation and Modern Trends of Tourism Education
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16. Elena V. Sviridova, Maria V. Shendo
Ambient Marketing as a Modern Means of Company Promotion
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17. Yuri I. Verbin
Features of Legal Support for Protecting the Health of Citizens in Developed Countries of the European Union and the Russian Federation
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Scientific Life

18. Anastasia A. Finadeeva
Sochi State University Celebrated Its 30th Anniversary!
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