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3 September 30, 2019 (under publication).

1. Valerii D. Andreev
Audit and Risk Management of Marketing Activity in Tourism
Number of views: 183      Download in PDF

2. Alla Yu. Baranova, Irina Yu. Potashova
Features of Financial Planning of Trade Organization (on the Example of Non-Food Products)
Number of views: 165      Download in PDF

3. Anastasia A. Finadeeva
Focusing on Soft Skills as a Factor of Economic Success in Hospitality Ind
Number of views: 161      Download in PDF

4. Vita A. Fomenko
The Impact of Youth Forums in the Krasnodar Region on the Development of the Labor Potential of Specialists and Managers in the Tourism Industry of the Kuban (for Example, the Youth Forum «Region 93»)
Number of views: 163      Download in PDF

5. Galina P. Gagarinskaya, Arina V. Schmidt
The Development of Human Capital on the Basis of Wage Efficiency
Number of views: 176      Download in PDF

6. Svetlana V. Grinenko, Evgeny S. Ugryumov
Sustainable Development of Interacting Recreational Territories of the Azov-Black Sea Basin Countries
Number of views: 162      Download in PDF

7. Evgeny V. Mayboroda
Analysis of the Policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on Financial Recovery of the Russian Banking Sector
Number of views: 168      Download in PDF

8. Michael A. Morozov, Natalia S. Morozova
Formation of an Independent Assessment System for the Quality of Tourism Services
Number of views: 161      Download in PDF

9. Vladlena S. Oladko, Sergey A. Borisov
Approach to Assessing the Effectiveness of Investment in Information Security Business Entity
Number of views: 164      Download in PDF

10. Valentina A. Orlova, Oksana V. Melentyeva
The Impact of Structural Transformations of Small Business in the Production Sector in the Context of Economic Globalization
Number of views: 159      Download in PDF

11. Valentina N. Raschupkina, Valeriy I. Bratchun
Methodical Approach to Document Domestic Transactions: as a Practical Instrument for Prostandard Construction within ISO 9001: 2015
Number of views: 167      Download in PDF

12. Yuliya V. Razvadovskaya, Kristina V. Samonova, Kristina S. Rudneva
Modeling the Parameters of Building up and Using the Innovative Potential Employment the Energy Approach
Number of views: 164      Download in PDF

13. Maksim S. Romanov
Current Technologies in Tourism Education as a Driver of a Staff Competitive Ability and of Services Export
Number of views: 154      Download in PDF

14. Galina M. Romanova, Vladimir N. Sharafutdinov, Elena V. Onishchenko
Strategy for the Development of Tourism in the Light of the New Paradigm of Humanity of Social Systems
Number of views: 171      Download in PDF

15. Evgeniya A. Sevastianova
The Efficiency of the Institutional Management of the Social Sector
Number of views: 158      Download in PDF

16. Anna V. Sidorova, Svetlana V. Petrova
Legal Regulation of Social Entrepreneurship as a Factor for the Sustainable Development of Small and Medium Businesses
Number of views: 170      Download in PDF

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