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2 June 25, 2018 (under publication).

1. Veronika A. Akhmerova, Nadezhda K. Serdyukova
The Improvement of Service Technologies in the Domestic and International Cultural Tourism
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2. Galina D. Bryukhanova, Evgeniya V. Vidishcheva, Ekaterina S. Ovchinnikova
Digital Technologies – A Factor of Competitiveness in the Tourism Industry
Number of views: 109      Download in PDF

3. Galina D. Bryukhanova, Svetlana V. Grinenko
Management of the Partnership System in the Public Catering Sphere at the Regional Level
Number of views: 117      Download in PDF

4. Dmitrij V. Chigarev, Irina S. Syrkova
The Introduction of Modern Information Technologies in the Promotion of the Hotel Product of the Resort City of Sochi in Terms of Transition to the Digital Economy
Number of views: 107      Download in PDF

5. Svetlana V. Grinenko
Countries of the Post-Soviet Space: Formation of the Regional Migration System in the Contracting Territories Framework
Number of views: 129      Download in PDF

6. Maxim S. Krivov, Boris A. Ermakov
The Unified Tourist Card (Tourist Account) Tourism Technology Platform (IT System): the Concept of Development and Promotion in the Resort City of Sochi
Number of views: 131      Download in PDF

7. Lyudmila N. Prikhodko, Ekaterina V. Belyakova
Problems of Water Supply of the Population in Tourist Areas of Russia and Ways of their Partial Decision
Number of views: 102      Download in PDF

8. Svetlana I. Pustovoytenko
Tourism: Methodical Aspects of the Development of Information Communications at the Regional Level
Number of views: 125      Download in PDF

9. Galina M. Romanova, Evgeniya V. Vidishcheva, Elena K. Vorobei
The Congress Services Market Analysis of Sochi and Krasnodar Krai: Vector of Development
Number of views: 100      Download in PDF

10. Tatyana V. Saleeva, Ivan M. Saleev
The Project Management at the Present Stage of Economic Development in Terms of Modernization and Innovation Discourse
Number of views: 109      Download in PDF

11. Mikhail A. Zdorov
Economic Assessment of Agrotourist Potential According to the «North-South» Program
Number of views: 108      Download in PDF

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