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3-2 September 30, 2015 (under publication).

Articles and Statements

1. Natalia I. Arzumanova
Sochi Olympic Legacy: A Breakthrough into the Future
Number of views: 738      Download in PDF

2. Olga A. Bugaenko, Evgeniya V. Vidishcheva
Clusters in a Modern Russian Economy
Number of views: 790      Download in PDF

3. Alena Kirilyuk, Evgeniya V. Vidishcheva
The Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Russian Economy
Number of views: 896      Download in PDF

4. Vladimir I. Kozlov
Environmental Insurance as a Motivational Factor Environmental Activities
Number of views: 751      Download in PDF

5. Irina L. Makarova
Population Morbidity in the Fuzzy Sets Model of Public Health
Number of views: 730      Download in PDF

6. Aurika V. Murava-Sereda, Svetlana Y. Tsekhla, Irina G. Pavlenko
Innovation- and Cluster- Driven Economic Growth in the HCT-Sectors of the Cross-Border Region "Danube"
Number of views: 703      Download in PDF

7. Galina Romanova, Alexandr Vetitnev, Sergey Romanov, Nadezda Serdukova, Eugenia Koryagina, Tsogik Grigorjan
Analysis of the Current Demand for Cultural Tourism Products of Southern Russia
Number of views: 738      Download in PDF

8. Sergey M. Romanov, Konstantin G. Tomilin
All-Russian Scientifically-Practical Conference: «Tourism: Hospitality, Sport, Industry of the Feeding»
Number of views: 876      Download in PDF

9. Olga G. Zamaeva
The Assessment of Transition to E-Government
Number of views: 728      Download in PDF

10. Olga G. Zamaeva
Performance Assessment of the Healthcare System of the Krasnodar Territory and Sochi City on the Basis of Assessments and Rankings of 2013-2015 years
Number of views: 728      Download in PDF


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