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2 June 25, 2020 (under publication).

1. Tatiana Yu. Anopchenko, Natalia F. Voronina, Emil I. Soboleva
The Relevance of the Analysis of Financial Stability in Microenterprises
Number of views: 46      Download in PDF

2. Anna O. Balabanova
Technologies for Improving the Efficiency of Service Management of a Public Social Service Institution
Number of views: 40      Download in PDF

3. Alla Yu. Baranova, Azniv A. Erukyan
Financial Sustainability of Hotel Organizations
Number of views: 49      Download in PDF

4. Boris A. Ermakov
Support for Individual Accommodation Facilities in the Context of the Development of the National Project "Tourism and the Hospitality Industry"
Number of views: 47      Download in PDF

5. Evgeny N. Finadeev, Anastasia A. Finadeeva
Challenges Posed by Usage of Social Anthropomorphic Robots in Hospitality
Number of views: 31      Download in PDF

6. Tatiana E. Gvarliani, Anna R. Bondar
Indicators for the Assessment of the «Fear Economy» and Their Analysis
Number of views: 44      Download in PDF

7. Kristina K. Kasayeva
Trends in Lending to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in Russia
Number of views: 38      Download in PDF

8. Nadezhda A. Keschyan
Technologies for the Development of Territorial Public Self-Government
Number of views: 40      Download in PDF

9. Ruslan V. Kolesnikov, Nelli A. Saveleva
The Specialization of Sphere of Medical Tourism in Southern Federal District
Number of views: 37      Download in PDF

10. Valentina A. Orlova, Oksana V. Melentyeva
The Concept of Marketing Management of Commercial Banks in Changing Market Conditions
Number of views: 41      Download in PDF

11. Irina Yu. Potashova, Karina A. Korneiko
Improving the Financial Policy of a Trade Organization
Number of views: 39      Download in PDF

12. Nadezhda K. Serdyukova, Larissa M. Romanova, Dmitriy A. Serdyukov
Hotels’ Communication Strategy and Evaluation of Its Effectiveness in Digital Economy
Number of views: 40      Download in PDF

Letter to the Editor

13. Musaed Sulaiman AlAli
COVID-19 Infection and Mortality Rates Effect on Asian Stock Markets Returns
Number of views: 44      Download in PDF

full number
Number of views: 54      Download in PDF

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